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Maillard est une boucherie en ligne qui vous propose une vaste sélection de viandes d'une qualité exceptionnelle. Voyez tous nos produits de boeuf, porc, poulet, canard, veau et agneau.

Extra Lean Ground Nagano Pork
$5.25 / paquet

Porc haché Nagano extra-maigre

Porc | 1 x 400 g

Our extra lean ground Nagano pork is so juicy, because it has a greater moisture retention than other pork meats. That means you will get superior ...

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Nagano Pork Tenderloin
$11.00 / paquet

Filet de porc Nagano

Porc | 1 x approx. 450 g

No ideas what to prepare to your guests? This Nagano pork tenderloin is a sure shot. Nagano pork has great moisture retention when it cooks, giving...

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Capicola Boneless Natural Pork Butt Roast Smoked BBQ Seasoned
$14.50 / paquet

Rôti de soc de porc naturel désossé capicollo ass...

Porc naturel | 1 x 825 g

Sold in a unique seasoning rub, our smoked BBQ butt roast is ready to be braised for hours. It guarantees succulent pulled pork you will crave for ...

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Royal Cut Nagano Pork Chop
$14.20 / paquet

Côte de porc Nagano coupe royale

Porc | 2 x approx. 270 g

Our royal cut Nagano pork chop has superior quality meat and will satisfy even the finest palates around the table. Nagano pork is renowned for its...

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Rack of Nagano Pork (8 Bones)
$59.00 / paquet

Carré de porc Nagano (8 os)

Porc | 1 x approx. 2.25 Kg

Cooking this rack of Nagano pork is an event, eating it is an experience! Even though you don't need special occasions to savour it, it will surely...

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Pork Chop Bone In
$4.52 / paquet

Côtelette de porc avec os

Porc | 1 x 275 g

These pork chops come from the loin, or more precisely from pig sirloin, and are sometimes called T-bone for their obvious resemblance with its bee...

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Honey & Garlic Sausages
$5.99 / paquet

Saucisses miel et ail

Porc naturel | 4 x 100 g

NEW! Combine the sweet and the spicy in our savory natural pork honey and garlic sausages. Perfect for breakfast as well! It's also certified Human...

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Mild Italian Sausages
$5.99 / paquet

Saucisses italiennes douces

Porc naturel | 4 x 100 g

NEW! These natural pork sausages contain delightful mild Italian flavours you will never get tired of. Plus, it's certified Humane, so it has no ho...

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Toulouse Sausages
$5.99 / paquet

Saucisses Toulouse

Porc naturel | 4 x 100 g

NEW! Get the flavours of Southern France in your plate with our juicy Toulouse sausages. Moreover, these pork sausages are natural and contain no h...

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Maple Wood Smoked Bacon
Économisez 6%
$7.49 / paquet

Bacon fumé à l'érable

Porc | 2 x 250 g

NEW! It's impossible not to like bacon, especially when it's naturally smoked with maple wood. Our bacon comes from Canadian pork and contains no ...

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Fully Cooked Smoked BBQ Baby Back Ribs
Économisez 10%
$8.99 / paquet

Côtes levées de porc fumées BBQ entièrement cuites

Porc | 1 x 700 g

Our baby back ribs are delicious and ready to eat. Already fully cooked, you will just need to warm them up in the oven or on the grill. They are t...

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